VYÖNSOLKI - Buckle Rock'n'Roll Until I Die

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Are you 100% rock'n'roll? Then this buckle is for you: Both sides shout out your life's true spirit! Wherever you go, whatever you do - rock'n'roll is not just part of you, but the one thing in life that drives you, powered by a generous dose of righteous rebellion.

Rock'n'roll and functionality come together in this fantastic buckle.

Is rock'n'roll more than just a short-lived trend for you? Is it your lifeblood and elixir? In short: Are you loving, living, breathing, and dying for rock'n'roll? Then this is your message to all rockabilly rebels: Rock'n'roll until I die! 100% pure rock'n'roll is all we need.

The buckle's front is all about your defining statement: "Rock'n'roll until I die", hammered into shape by the subtle background spade. High-end craftsmanship, a vintage brass finish, and the buckle's pre-loved used look make this one extra special. To balance the intricate, full-on front, the buckle's rear is a perfect example of sleek minimalism, featuring just one engraved statement:

"Driven by rock'n'roll, fueled by rebellion."

The cool buckle's highlights at a glance:

  • Material: zinc
  • Color: vintage brass
  • Measurements: 12 cm x 7.5 cm
  • Detailed design
  • Premium material and finish
  • Look here for the matching leather belt!
Rumble59 has plenty of cool and useful accessories for all rock'n'roll lovers! This red hot "Rock'n'Roll until I die" buckle will hold your look together in style.
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